So after submitting 1 of my 2 midterms I felt inspired to sew. And sew away I did.... I finished the coat which I'm very proud of. The pattern was great to work with and I have a dozen of other ideas I would like to modify this coat too. But other than that I can't wait to see my friend try it on. She chose this specify for her and any time I get to sew or dabble in fashion I'm first in line.

So my best friend Willow decided that this year she wanted a steampunk costume. Which I really love just this idea of Victorian Goth with a bit of sci fy added in what isn't there to love. I've been to a convention and some of these people do very lucrative costumes that would put me to but after rummaging through Joanns $1 pattern sale she decided that this pattern would be the best for her.
We liked the color scheme on the one of the right, so after some brainstorming we decided what pieces to keep and which one's to i just started today and I've finished the shell of the jacket. I figure that would be the hardest thing along side trying to finish my midterm oh woe is me....not enough hours in the day.