So onto costume #2 ..... This time I'm feeling a little piratey, so I opted for this pattern. Again huge savings at Joann's with their $1 pattern sale.....and loaded on their notion walls since again a bargain of 50% off I just couldn't pass up....So with pattern in hand and fabric already bought it's time to get to work. I've divided the different pattern pieces shirt, corset, pants, and jacket into different ziploc bags so I wouldn't lose them and that way if I like it I can keep track of it and now I'm off to work. Wish me luck.
Simplicity 3677 - Day 1 cut up the pattern pieces and get a course of action started. I'm looking forward to starting this adventure, so here I go....I'll keep you posted on pictures and review the pattern.

So who likes a great deal because I do...I do... I, well aside from an awesome deal how about no cooking responsibilities for the night....again I say....I do....I do.....I do.....well your in luck, if you like Papa John like this family does you should really take advantage of this deal that expires September 4, 2012. Go to and create an online account. First Papa Johns gives you points for your order so that's a plus if you get to 25 a free pizza when your strapped for cash. But once you great this account use the online code Sports50 and receive 50% off your entire order. How great is that? You save some $$$ and take care of dinner all in one....I know what I'll be ordering tonight.
Yes, I finally finished that costume which means 1 down and a couple more to go....I'm trying to get thru my sewing bucket list and I'm feeling mighty proud. After having some difficulties with this pattern, besides it being too small I decided to change it up. In the words of Tim Gunn, "Make it Work" and that's what I did....I made it work. So I made it comfy as I could although those 3 skirts were killing me and this is the fruits of my labor. If you go on the page there is more pics but here's a snippet
My sister has a bun in the oven, a beautiful boy who will be named Cruz. Since he’s due in September the only proper thing to do is make him a Halloween Costume too….. Yeah Halloween!....So she sent me this cute little picture of a baby in a candy corn costume. I already have some ideas on how to make this, I can’t wait for it him to try it on. I don’t know about the fabric choice, I’m not too keen on using felt as it might be too scratchy for his little skin. Fleece tend to stretch out. That looks like someone used that fuzzy yarn and not fabric. So if I want to find something similar then it's a job for Joann’s fabric selection. It should be inexpensive to make really not a lot fabric to be used.

   So yes it's a bit early to start thinking of Halloween but honestly I'm obssessed with the holiday....Although the lore and myth is what fascinates me more so than dressing like a tramp and trolloping around L.A. I decided to make my niece Camila a costume for her birthday. I've done this the past three years and if it wasn't for me she'd be doomed to a Walmart off the rack costume that would not have been made with the love and patience that my costumes are made with.... So this is day 2.
      So that being said I've finished the bodice and the underskirt. Although that was a huge pain in the ass..... So I'm realizing that this is a lot harder than I thought it be. Sewing three skirt on that little bodice....oh woe is me.... :)
I find it a bit ironic that my older sister has always made fun of me for loving Halloween. Now with her little Belle born Nov. 2, or in our culture Day of the Dead I feel its the world making up for the times she picked on me for it.  
     So after struggling for an idea as to what would compliment my little Belle, I decided on Simplicity 4024, even though yes its Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I liked the little dress. So I drafted my own drawing with similiar color scheme and this is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy.